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How a team’s perception of their leader directly impacts team effectiveness (with a festive twist)

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Team effectiveness

The strength of the relationship between a leader and the members of their team directly impacts team effectiveness and performance. Put simply, a team will give more effort to a leader they trust, respect and like. If we were to … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness & Self Management

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Emotional Intelligence self awareness

  Earlier this year we published a whitepaper on Emotional Intelligence (EI), in it we cited research that had found that 90% of top performers have high EI.   Additionally, it was found that EI is responsible for 58% of job performance.  … Continue reading

Leadership Development: A lesson in self awareness….from a 9 year old!

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Leadership Development: self-awareness - Leadership Blog

  Yesterday my daughter told me that she’d set herself a new (school) year’s resolution “to be less bossy”.  She went on to say that although she was only ever just trying “to do the right thing”, she was aware … Continue reading

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

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Benefits of coaching - Leadership Blog

Organisations and leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of coaching in successful leadership. But whilst there are some who’ve eagerly jumped on board, others have been more hesitant, unsure as to the benefits of coaching and whether the … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Best Leader of Them All?

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heightening self-awareness - Leadership Blog

The leader you think you are may not be the leader you actually are. Heightened self-awareness is critical to personal and professional development, but for most of us criticism is hard to take – even when it is born out of self-reflection. Continue reading