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Mindstrong sales training sister company turns 1!

Filed in News by Tracey Davison on 3485 - 0 Comments

Salestrong Sales TrainingSet up to handle the increasing demand for our sales training programmes, our sister company Salestrong celebrates it’s first birthday this month.  Previously, sales training programmes were delivered by Mindstrong but the growth of this area of this business led very naturally to birth of dedicated sales company; Salestrong.

Set up by experienced sales training facilitators Steve Bussey and Al Mcquade, Salestrong continues to grow as it moves into it’s second year of trading.  Salestrong deliver sales training, sales selection and sales enablement solutions.

For more about the services they offer, visit the Salestrong website, alternatively, click here to view a case study of their work with WorldPay.  Happy 1st Birthday Salestrong!

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