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Mindstrong Coach to drive SME Business Growth

Filed in News by Tracey Davison on 3880 - 3 Comments

Free SME Business Growth WorkshopWe are very pleased to announce that Mindstrong Business Coach, Mike Kelly, is now a registered and approved GrowthAccelerator Growth Coach.  Mike has many years experience of working with organisations to heighten effectiveness and drive growth and he joins Mindstrong Managing Director, Steve Bussey, as a GrowthAccelerator approved Growth Coach.

Both Steve and Mike made the move to become GrowthAccelerator coaches because of the specific benefits the service offers to SME’s.  The larger organisations our coaches work with typically have access to the kind of funding and resources required to drive a business forward.  For many small-medium sized organisations, however, options are limited and Growth Coaching can feel like an unaffordable aspiration.  GrowthAccelerator, by identifying those businesses with the potential for rapid growth, make this goal more achievable.  Clients who sign up to the service get help and support in one of three areas: Business Development, Growth through Innovation and Access to Finance.  In addition, they gain access to match funding for Leadership and Management Training.

If you want to grow your business, click here to find out about our Free SME Business Growth Workshop, or visit our GrowthAccelerator page.

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