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Business Growth Workshop, Peterborough

4.00 – Registration and networking
4.30 – Growth Workshop.

  • Understand the mindset required to accelerate your current performance and realise your potential
  • Challenge yourself and your team to focus on the most important things to deliver outstanding results again and again
  • Recognise and overcome the common barriers to growth
  • Learn how coaching can accelerate performance at all levels
  • Gain a variety of practical tools and techniques that you can use to generate faster growth in your business

6.00 – Penny Lord, GrowthAccelerator Growth Manager, St. John’s Innovation Centre

  • What is GrowthAccelerator?
  • How can GrowthAccelerator benefit your business?
  • Achieving growth through Access to Finance and Business Development

6.15 – Paul Hughes, CEO and Founder, ParentMail and existing GrowthAccelerator client

  • How Parentmail are using the GrowthAccelerator service
  • The benefits GrowthAccelerator has brought to Parentmail

6.30 – Close, networking

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