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Coaching for Growth & Development, Part 1 – Do you have the right mindset?

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Coaching works.  It delivers individual and team performance improvements and organisational growth.  In fact, respondents in the 2013 CIPD Learning & Development Annual Survey reported coaching to be the most effective activity for talent management.

When coaching for growth and development we must begin with mindset.  A change in mindset can turn a team’s fortunes around.  If you want to grow a business, increase sales, improve customer service scores, whatever your goal, you need to make sure you and your team start out with the right mindset: a growth mindset.

So today, in the first in a series of posts on coaching for growth and development, we’ll explore the features of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset and challenge you to find out which you have.

A fixed mindset is characterised by the following:

  • You see failure as a negative, to be avoided at all costs
  • You prefer to stick to safe/tried and tested methods and avoid risky decisions
  • You focus on the final result
  • You rely on your natural ability/talent to achieve results

A growth mindset is characterised by the following:

  • You see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • You are prepared to take risks and make changes in the pursuit of improvement and growth
  • You focus on the effort you’re putting in, rather than on the final outcome
  • You recognise the current gaps in your skills/capabilities and actively seek opportunities to develop these

So, most of us can pat ourselves on the back, happy that we do indeed have a growth mindset, right?  Well, probably not.  At a recent workshop we ran, attended by a number of business owners, we ran an exercise on mindset.  Almost all of our delegates concluded that their own fixed mindset was (at least, in part) holding back the growth of their business.  If we add some context to this – this workshop was specifically for those people wanting to grow their businesses – we can really see the impact of this and it’s more common than you would think.  Whilst we’re not suggesting that you risk everything, developing a growth mindset challenges us to look beyond the limitations we apply (often unconsciously) to our decision-making process.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

Even if you’re not actively looking to change and grow, you need to consider the impact of a fixed mindset on the long term success of your team/company’s performance.  What happens when things outside of your control start changing, eg; new competitors, developments in technology, the loss a big customer, even a global recession?  Such big changes force us to react in some way, those with fixed mindsets, used to doing things a certain way, are too often unable to react fast enough.  Conversely, those with growth mindsets are more resilient to change and, by nature of being a step ahead of the rest, have often predicted the change before it even occurs.

So, ask yourself again if you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset and how you think it’s impacting on your own growth and development.  Equally, how is the mindset adopted by your team impacting on their success?  Look our for our next blog post where we look at the ways coaching can be used to nurture growth and development, starting with the mindset and leadership style of the leader.


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