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Seeds for growth set at Business Growth Workshop

Filed in GrowthAcceleratorNews by Tracey Davison on 2693 - 0 Comments

Steve flip chart

Attendees were quite literally leaping at last week’s Business Growth Workshop, as they took part in an exercise designed to challenge existing, fixed mindsets.  The workshop, which was led by Mindstrong Managing Director and Growth Coach, Steve Bussey, took delegates through a series of techniques and strategies that they could employ back in the workplace to generate faster growth.

The workshop was attended by representatives from over 20 small and medium sized businesses, covering a wide range of sectors.  Delegates explored the barriers holding back growth in their own businesses and looked at ways to break down these barriers, maximise performance and move their businesses forward.

Run in conjunction with the government invested GrowthAccelerator service, the workshop also offered up the opportunity to find out more about this service and how it helps SME’s achieve high growth.

If you missed this event but would like to find out more about future Business Growth Workshops, click here.

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